Pro-Serv Limpieza ComercialMarsden is excited to announce that Pro-Serv is now operating throughout the Southwest region! We have combined operations in our Southwestern region to increase the capabilities and consistency of our teams in that area. In July 2021, the Marsden enterprise acquired Pro-Serv Commercial Cleaning, a Phoenix-based janitorial contractor. Pro-Serv is wholly owned by Haynes Building Service, L.L.C., a Marsden operating company based out of California. Through our acquisition of Pro-Serv, Marsden has become the largest janitorial provider in the Valley and we have significantly increased our capacity and operational strength. In order to leverage these benefits, Marsden combined the operations of Marsden West and Pro-Serv into a single operating company and will be retaining the brand name of Pro-Serv. By consolidating the operations of these two companies into a single brand, we will increase our capabilities to provide great service to our clients throughout Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and Nevada.

Marsden has been operating throughout the Southwest for several decades and has a strong presence throughout Arizona and the surrounding markets through its janitorial, mechanical maintenance, security, and restoration service lines. Our clients will continue to experience the same quality service under the Pro-Serv name. All of Marsden’s operating companies are held to high standards of performance and expectations of excellent service, and we will continue to provide the same level of service our clients have come to expect from any Marsden operating company. We are committed to providing personalized service to all of our clients and will continue to be responsive and flexible to their needs.